Before I introduce my products and services I would like to include a little information on why so many of us find it difficult to change, why will alone cannot move us into lasting change and what psychotherapy and coaching can do to help you get what you want.

Why is it so difficult to change?

The reason we struggle so much in getting what we want is because we unknowingly try and make our desired changes with our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is very limited to what it can achieve on its own. We need help from our unconscious mind as this is what runs and drives all of our behaviours. No amount of trying, making promises to yourself or others or planning will mean that you will get what you want. Why is this?

The conscious mind cannot handle more than 7 pieces of information at any one time. Your unconscious mind on the other hand is your all seeing, all knowing, instinctive, intuitive, highly intelligent mind. It is the source of everything you have ever learned or experienced, it stores every single one of your memories.

You need the help of your unconscious mind to get what you want, there is no other way to permanent change and in my style of therapy, we work directly with your unconscious mind and work with the connections between your conscious and unconscious mind.

This in turn will mean that you go for what you want in life, feel motivated to go after it, and take consistent action to achieve it meaning a happier and more fulfilling life.

So what holds us back from getting what we want?

It is very simple. It is our beliefs and our values and the way we filter our experience that then shapes and creates our World. Our World is created by what we believe. We attract the things that we think about the most whether this be positive or negative and our beliefs become a self fulfilling prophesy. If, at an unconscious level you have accepted that you ‘are not good enough’ you will actualise results in your life that prove you ‘are not good enough’ which then re-reaffirms this and the belief continues on its negative spiral.

Beliefs can be empowering or disempowering. The beliefs and values we hold at the deepest level are the beliefs that either help or hinder us. These unconscious beliefs drive our behaviour. Most beliefs have been adopted at an early age and are deeply embedded which is why we often find change so difficult. Have you ever had the experience of saying you want something (in your conscious mind) then you do something completely different, maybe even something totally destructive that is in total opposition with what you say you want? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to totally cleanse your body and mind of the beliefs that no longer serve you?

Negative emotions which have not been released or appropriately dealt with can harm the body and turn into disease inside the body. Anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt as well as others, if not released can cause harm to the body and attack your immune system, and this too can stop you getting what you want, as well as being a terrible health hazard and depleting you of useful, productive energy.

In my intensive style of therapy, we work at the deepest, most unconscious level possible, meaning we get to the root cause of your problem or problems once and for all. Beliefs and Values are at the core of your personality and these must be aligned to what it is you want otherwise you will never get it, no matter how hard you ‘try.’

I work directly with your unconscious mind to detoxify your mind and body from it’s limitations, negative emotions and past traumas. I also deal with any inner conflicts and destructive thoughts and habits that you may currently have that are hindering your progress or holding you back from living a truly magnificent life on your terms.

‘I will assist you in clearing out all of your ‘baggage’ if you like which in turn gives you a clean slate with new possibilities, empowering decisions and useful and productive strategies for getting what you want which means the best you that you ever imagined possible.’

My services, click the title to reveal more...

Over a two day Period (an overnight stay at a luxurious 5 star spa hotel) we will look in detail at your personal history, now relax this doesn’t mean we go digging around in your past, my approach is very comfortable. We will get to the root cause of the problems in your life that are stopping you from having the life that you truly deserve and work together to overcome them and create the life you want.

This service is truly life changing and is performed in totally luxury. All meals are included in this service. If you want the best life, the most fulfilling relationships and a life of true confidence and purpose, then the ‘Transform your life Intervention’ is for you.


Why would you choose Intensive Therapy?

Maybe you have always dreamed of owning your own business or changing career but seem to lack the motivation or belief to do it. Would you like to feel certain and believe in yourself, pursuing your career with energy and passion? Maybe you are already a successful businessman and your work life is successful but you only wish you had the same level of satisfaction at home. Would you like a better work life balance and to feel fulfilled in your personal and family relationships as well as in your career? Or maybe you a women who struggles in her relationships with men, would you like to have a relationship that truly fulfils you where you feel totally cherished and respected?


There are many reasons to why you would choose a Breakthrough Session

Maybe you have experienced trauma in your life and feel that it holds you back or has created certain destructive habits or behaviours. Would you like to free yourself from these behaviours? Would you like to get to the root cause of your problem and deal with this once and for all? Maybe you struggle in your relationships with others and seem to make the same mistakes over and over again, would you like to feel happy and fulfilled in your relationships with others?

So what happens during a breakthrough session?

Before the session begins you will have been asked before the session to produce 3 documents. As your therapist I will have analysed these and began intuitively working on the material you have submitted.

You will arrive and we will work for 2 full days on 2 areas of your life. This may be career and relationships for example. We will look at all limitations and repressed negative emotions surrounding these areas and eliminate all that are stopping you from achieving your goal

The 2 day intervention is set in a tranquil, relaxing setting, a gorgeous full English Breakfast and 3 course evening meal will be yours during your stay and use of the spa facilities. We start at 9am both days and we work until we need to. I always have dinner with my clients in the evening.


So we do this through having a full emotional clear out if you like.

All Changes occur unconsciously which is exactly what we want. Consciously ‘trying’ to change is very difficult and ineffective. After the clearout, we will align your Values and Beliefs to your Goal and install empowering beliefs that will motivate you to go for what you want with energy and enthusiasm.


Effects after a breakthrough vary.

You are very likely to feel lighter, more focused, more energetic. It is very likely to have cured yoursellf of a lot of physical ailments, there have been cases of people seeing more clearly, feeling more connected to their intuition, clearing themselves of skin problems, clearing themselves of IBS, Food intolerances, polycystic ovary syndrome and addictions. What if you cured yourself or changed yourself and became the confidant and sure person that you’ve always wanted to be? How different would your life be? The best effects of breakthrough sessions are the ability to achieve what you have always dreamed you could. Having fulfilling relationships that enhance your life and having a strong belief in yourself and what you are capable of.

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Do you have Weight issues? Are you an emotional eater?

Have you tried everything to lose weight? Does it seem like you are constantly on a diet, your weight yo-yoing every week? Are you considering weight loss surgery? Would you like to get your eating habits under control? Would you like to feel motivated to exercise and actually enjoy the process?

How good would it be to look in the mirror and love what you see? How good would it be to be slim, sexy and beautiful and wear whatever you want? Maybe you are single and feel that your weight is stopping you from attracting a mate. Whatever your reason, if the issue is related to your weight, health or size, then the weight loss paradigm could be for you.

The main points to consider is that obesity increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease by a phenomenal percentage. There are more diseases linked to obesity than any other. This is your life and you deserve to be happy. You may think you have ‘tried everything’ but you haven’t. There is a deep emotional issue relating to your weight problem and weight loss surgery will never address this. Once you get to the root cause, you can create a catalyst of change in your life and know that your weight will never be an issue again.

The problem with diets is that they are a temporary solution to a deeper problem. The only way to solve weight issues once and for all, putting an end to all dieting is to address the root cause of the problem that lays hidden in your unconscious mind and then creating permanent lifestyle changes. I work directly with your unconscious mind and this is the only way you are permanently going to put an end to your weight and lifestyle related health issues.

A Weight Loss Paradigm is performed over a 2 day period in complete luxury and relaxing settings.

We look in detail at your life so far, paying particular attention to what happened around the time when your weight started to become a problem. We will look at the emotions attached to your eating habits and release them. We work in beautiful surroundings for 2 days. Breakfast on the 2nd day and Evening Meal on the 1st day are included in the price. We look at your values in the context of health and fitness and create more supportive mental conditions for a fit, healthy and happy life.


We work directly with your unconscious mind meaning permanent changes takes place at the unconscious level.

There will be no need for surgery which merely masks over the symptoms and fails to address the root cause of the issue. It is safe, with no risks incurred like weight loss surgery. Dealing with this will mean that you are cleansed both physically and emotionally and can take back control of your life and feel sexy, energetic, youthful and vibrant once again.

Making lifestyle changes is easy when you change your beliefs and values that are rooted at the most unconscious level. The changes become effortless rather than a struggle.


How good will it be in the future to feel proud of your body and be able to wear whatever you want?

How much more confidant will you feel knowing that you are in control of your life and you eating and exercise habits? Feeling and looking sexy, slim and confidant is something you deserve. Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

A coaching package is a great add on after your Intensive 2 day session or weight loss paradigm to help you adjust into your new life.

Alternatively you may prefer a Coaching Package that spreads out your change work with regular tasking and regular fortnightly sessions. I’d recommend Coaching for anyone, as regular coaching ensures that you keep on track, taking consistent and regular action towards your Goal and becoming the best version of you.

Maybe you are a woman and you are struggling in your career, maybe you need help and guidance and a plan that will help you get what you want? Do you feel that time is running out for you? How would it be to live the life you have always dreamed of? Have you always dreamed of owning your own business? Maybe you find it difficult being a mother and wife and feel that your career is always pushed to the wayside, would you like to give yourself the gift of a fulfilling career that is built around your true strengths and passions?

Maybe you feel unfulfilled in your family life or relationship with your partner? Do you have low self esteem? Maybe you are stuck in destructive habits of communicating?  Do you feel that work wise you have it under control, but when it comes to your personal life such as your relationships and children, you struggle to get it right and feel like a failure?

Because of this feeling of failure, maybe you work even more to distract yourself or possibly use other outlets such as drinking or gambling to cope or distract yourself from the true issues that need paying attention to? Would you like to re ignite the passion in your relationship? Would you like to feel like a success in your personal and family relationships as well as in your career?

Whatever the issue in your life, coaching will help.

Coaching is regular 2-3 hour sessions twice each month.

I will assist you in making changes in your chosen life area so that you create permanent changes and create the best possible mindset for achieving your goals. Coaching therapy includes tasking, this means the coaching/psychotherapy is proactive and results focused. These can be done at my relaxing premises in Sheffield or Harrogate.

Coaching means you get regular support. We work directly with your unconscious mind and reprogram your brain to achieve the results that you crave. We remove any limitations you have and release any negative emotions meaning that you are focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want. Coaching is essentially a breakthrough session spread out over a period of Months.


How good would it be to see your life becoming what you always dreamed it would be?

How much happier would you be knowing that you are fulfilled and happy in every area of your life, even the more knowingly painful ones such as relationships? How much better will you feel about yourself knowing that you are achieving what you have always talked about? How much happier will you feel having the body you’ve always dreamed of and feeling motivated to chase your dreams easily effortlessly with passion.

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In our team we have the best personal trainers and nutritionists available.

There are 3 month and 6 month fitness packages available to run alongside your coaching package.

We have an amazing personal trainer in our team, the lovely Sheffield based Glen Carlin.

We also have the highest quality Vegan food supplements and cleansing packages available for you to purchase that will help you detoxify your body as well as your mind.

The sky is the limit for what you can achieve. The only thing that limits you is your belief system. I truly believe that you can change anything about yourself and achieve everything you want and more.

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A Phobia is very restrictive and is an irrational fear that a client has, meaning they will avoid living their life to it’s full potential.

There are many common and also uncommon phobias out there. They can easily be removed and this service is 100% effective, assuming the client wants to get rid of the phobia.

This service will take no longer than 1 hour. My phobia clients are always very grateful as they have a new lease of life once the phobia has been removed.

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For those who have lost a child.

Please get in touch and I will gladly offer anyone who has lost a child free therapy sessions.

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