Personal referral and recommendation is important, and to have positive and recognised feedback for the sessions with my clients means a lot. I am lucky to have worked with some lovely people.
Hearing how the services I provide have changed and transformed my clients lives is something I always look forward to. Please get in touch with your story. I’d love to hear it.

My needle phobia held me back so much, from avoiding doctors’ appointments, to cancelling holidays with friends. After just the one session with Laurie, I have been able to have blood taken, have needles to enable me to travel to Asia with work and even simply make a doctor’s appointment without suffering from anxiety in the weeks leading up to the day.
I had tried a range of cognitive therapy’s and had seen another hypnotherapist also, however feeling uncomfortable with the people and the surroundings, all had failed to work.
Laurie was so understanding and welcoming and creates such a comfortable environment for you to feel at ease in. I would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone suffering from phobias to take back control and book in a session, it will honestly change your life!


Zoe Peplow, Professional make up artist, Sheffield

Laurie carried out an intensive personal breakthrough session with me specifically in the context of career and future professional and personal development. Throughout the session Laurie worked with me in identifying a number of self made limitations and patterns of negative thinking that were holding me back and stopping me from achieving the results that I wanted in my professional and personal life.

Through a number of interventions Laurie helped me to make a change in my thinking to the point where I am in a much better place within my career and now achieving what I want from my professional life and personal life.

Laurie was extremely knowledgeable about the subject area and clearly applied this to support me through the process and help me achieve what was a very positive result.


Gerry Kelly, Chief Executive, Sports and Health and Wellbeing Sector

After suffering with polycystic ovarian syndrome for years which used to effect my fertility, which in turn caused adult acne and food intolerances, I was amazed after my breakthrough session that I was pregnant 3 weeks after! My acne has never returned and I’ve never had IBS again either (4 years on and counting!).

Personal client, Hertfordshire
They say timing is everything, and it’s certainly true when I had my breakthrough session with Laurie. I met Laurie at a time in my life when I felt every part of my life was shattered.
Laurie was incredibly flexible, compassionate and easy to talk to. She explained how we would get through the coaching days whilst working towards my goals in an easy manner. Throughout the sessions she reassured me and kept me feeling safe, her dedication was unwavering. I’m truly thankful for her passion and honest approach in helping me to overcome obstacles that I kept building up.
Laurie had taken me from someone who had lost hope to someone who had nothing but hope. She gave me the tools to realise my goals, my future. I’m so grateful for Laurie’s incredible coaching and her commitment for me to have a better life.
Thank you always Laurie.


Personal client, London

After having a severe needle phobia for years and seeing various therapists who only seemed to make it worse I’m so grateful for finally overcoming this. Thank you so much Laurie for your patience and help. Can’t thank you enough.

Personal client, Doncaster

I was so shy and quiet and I had very low self esteem and confidence. Laurie helped me to become more confidant and be who I really am. I thank her so much every day.  


Personal client, Chesterfield


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