hoarcross-house2-426x202This service is truly life changing and will help you transform your life and heal your past. We will detox your body and mind and rid it of negative emotions, limiting decisions and any other conflicts that have been stopping you from living the life that you truly deserve.

This service is for those who want the absolute best out of life and want to put to bed the skeletons in their closet once and for all, allowing them to live up to their true potential.

Over a two-day period at a beautiful stately home spa, including an overnight stay, we will get to the root cause of the problems in your life that are stopping you from having the life that you truly deserve.  We will work together to overcome the obstacles and create the life that you truly want.

This service is life changing and is performed in total luxury. The therapy will take place in a tranquil, idyllic setting. All meals are included in this service and are delicious, tasty and nutritious.

If you want the best life, the most fulfilling relationships and a life of true confidence and purpose, then the ‘Transform your life Intervention’ is for you.


Why would you choose the ‘Transform your life Intervention?’


 Maybe you have always dreamed of owning your own business or changing career but seem to lack the motivation or belief in yourself and your abilities to do it. Would you like to feel certain and believe in yourself, pursuing your career with energy and passion?

Maybe you are already a successful businessman and your work life is successful but you only wish you had the same level of satisfaction at home. Would you like a better work life balance and to feel fulfilled in your personal and family relationships as well as in your career?

Or maybe you a lady who struggles in her relationships with men, maybe you attract abusive relationships and do not recognize your magnificence, would you like to have a relationship that truly fulfils you where you feel totally cherished and respected?

There are many reasons to why you would choose a Transform your life Intervention.

Maybe you have experienced trauma in your life and feel that it holds you back or has resulted in you adopting certain destructive habits or behaviors. Would you like to free yourself from these behaviors? Would you like to get to the root cause of your problem and deal with this once and for all? Maybe you struggle in your relationships with others and seem to make the same mistakes over and over again, would you like to feel happy and fulfilled in your relationships with others and start living the life of your dreams?


So what happens during a breakthrough session?


Before the session begins you will have been asked before the session to produce 3 documents. As your therapist and coach, I will have analyzed these and began intuitively working on the material you have submitted.

You will arrive and we will work for 2 full days on and area or areas of your life that repeatedly seem to cause you problems or that you struggle with. We will look at all limitations and repressed negative emotions, inner conflicts surrounding these areas and eliminate all that are stopping you from achieving your goal.

The 2 day intervention is set in a tranquil, relaxing setting, a gorgeous full English Breakfast and 3 course evening meal as well as a stunning buffet lunch will be yours during your stay and use of the spa facilities. We start at 9am both days and we work until we need to. I always have dinner with my clients in the evening.

All Changes occur unconsciously which is exactly what we want. Consciously ‘trying’ to change is very difficult and ineffective. After the clear-out, we will align your Values and Beliefs to your life Goal and install empowering beliefs that will motivate you to go for what you want with energy and enthusiasm.

After the Intervention you are likely to feel lighter, more focused and more energetic. It is very common to have cured yourself of a lot of physical ailments, there have been cases of people seeing more clearly, feeling more connected to their intuition, clearing themselves of skin problems including acne, clearing themselves of IBS, Food intolerances, polycystic ovary syndrome and addictions. You will find that you respond differently and attract different people and situations into your life, the ones that you want. You will also have a lot better judgment during decision making.

What if you cured yourself or transformed yourself and became the confidant and sure person that you’ve always wanted to be? How good would it be, being in a fulfilling and happy relationship, knowing that it is supportive and nurturing rather than destructive, and how fantastic will it be to have the confidence to pursue every single one of your dreams with passion and enthusiasm.

If you are ready now to take your life to the next level, then please get in touch to discuss the possibility of us working together.




Note: Please don’t be offended if I do not take you on as a client. I do not accept every client.